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Business Coaching
As a creativity visualizer and business coach, I activate your problem-solving skills and trigger your resources—moving you into action!

1. Business Executive Coaching

Professional coaching is an effective approach which enables executives to access support in an international business world that continually demands more and better communication and flexibility. Understanding and accepting communicative patterns, embracing fundamental cultural differences and diversity, will move business executives forward in today’s global business world. A commitment to personal change, realistic goal setting and strategic adaption are keys to performance success and stress reduction.

In our coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to uncover, develop and use:

  • Authentic strengths
  • Personal resources such as reliability, stamina or creativity
  • New and real self-confidence
  • Let’s use what you can! My expertise lies in the activation of important resources and intercultural perspectives which mobilize breakthroughs and deliver long-lasting results. Group business coaching strengthens team development, tackles bottlenecks and produces a team-designed plan forward.

Zertifizierung Systemisches Coaching und Veränderungsmangement, INeKo January 2014

2. Personal Coaching

  • Conflict situations
  • Organization
  • Stress and time management
  • Perfectionism
  • New job/business orientation
  • Work related issues
  • Conflict situations

These are some of the topics that we deal with in coaching sessions.

As the coachee, you are in charge of what we do during our meetings. You determine the issues, the pace of the sessions and just how much you want to reveal. As the coach, I listen actively, try to really understand, sometimes ask questions and make gentle assertions. We can use a variety of “tools” like meta-cards, life-lines to make thoughts visual, or role plays to trigger new ways of experiencing old patterns. Our goals are to uncover different takes on thorny problems and help you design your own solutions. We don’t dig around much in the past but focus on perspective and attitude changes like:

  • Love it, change it or leave it!
  • Uncovering and using internal resources
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Finding your own vision

Influenced by the writings of the American psychologist Carl Rogers, Client-Oriented Counseling, supports the efforts of each of us to lead healthy emotional lives. Successful coaching unbinds, empowers and inspires you to live up to your potential.

3. Change Management

Change process and management — If you don’t move, you lose! The actual situation in the company is observed, documented and evaluated. Where are the issues and stubborn bottlenecks? Patterns that block are identified, analyzed and constructive alternatives found. An action plan is drawn up, which sets the goal framework and determines the conceptual perimeters, training and coaching objectives for all involved. Transparency and motivation are key factors for success. Your people must be fired up and understand the need to change. Systematic reviews, knowledge transfer and evaluation of the change process is essential and must be scheduled at regular intervals.

4. Life Coaching and Expat Resource Activation

New to Germany?

Experiencing a certain disorientation?

I know the feeling! Many years ago, I experienced the same thing when I first came to Germany. Nearly 25 years later and still here(!),I’ve become something of an expert in intercultural awareness and lectured on this subject at the University of Cologne. After completing my certificate course in systemic counseling and coaching, I began to offer expat resource activation and life coaching since it aligned so well with my course and my experience – this was something that I myself knew so well. My expat life coaching is proactive, practical, client-centered support for those living abroad confronted with so many new issues. In a short time, you will learn to understand and how to deal with many cultural differences. Most importantly, you’ll be motivated to set you own goals, discover your own purpose and strengths and begin to design your life abroad.

Personal, in small groups or individual coaching sessions.

Career development, including CV writing and interview simulation also available.

Initial contact via or call: 0152 0158 1818


Karla Schlaepfer-Karst!!! Thank you so much for your help! Monday I had a coaching session with her as part of her coach training course. It was incredibly clarifying and helpful. I highly, highly recommend this to anyone. Even coaches need coaches. Everyone needs an outside perspective. It's amazing how much ground you can cover in one short session. I came in with a knotted clump of an issue and came out with a strong, clear thread.

Lisa Tancredi posted on AIWCC FB page in June 2013

JoinCreativePeople – ist das neue Projekt und Unternehmen von Karla Schlaepfer and partners.

JoinCreativePeople setzt die erfolgreiche Arbeit im Bereich von Kreativitätstraining, Simplicity und Coaching fort. Unsere kreative Palette wird erweitert durch Angebote zum Design Thinking. Freuen Sie auf Karlas neues Buch und die Neugestaltung dieser Website!

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